Rained cats & dogs

I was drenched to the skin this morning while driving my Caldina, because the driving seat had sponged water!

Carefully checking revealed that the origin of the water was coming from the sun roof, my car parked outside last night and had we relatively heavy rain fall while sleeping. Remembering the past, the first generation SUBARU Legacy LSi (US made and left side steering) had the same problem.

Because of secular change of the rubber sealing material, the space formed between the sun roof glass edge and the roof hole of the body becomes wider gradually to let the rain water comes inside. Of course some drain pipe is designed most of the case, its hole sometimes crags thoroughly with dust forming, then the disaster like this morning happens.

What I must do is perforating and making reform pass through way for the rain piling water, and remake the thickness of the shrunk rubber sealing material applying a sticky Polyethylene self fusion tape inside.

Now I have solved the mystery, the stain traces on the inner lining at A pillar portion.

Ill do that troublesome work after drying.